Buttock Lift

Buttock Lift: Many women look at men first go to the bottom and many men do not reverse course different. There is hardly a woman who is really happy with her butt.

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Buttock Lift in Turkey

Many women look at men first go to the bottom and many men do not reverse course different. There is hardly a woman who is really happy with her butt. While some women complain after watching the revival curvy stars for too little buttocks, the majority of women will find her bottom rather too large or flabby.

More and more figure-conscious men recognize the importance that can have a crisp backside for the choice of partners. But do what to do if the love handles disappear or simply hanging the skin flabby? Especially the Po seems often to be immune to sport and healthy eating.

Even very slim women complain of a too full, while often drawn back down game. A butt-lifting, or even Postraffung buttock lift is therefore often the only way to radical change. It is primarily responsible for the aging of the skin look ugly. However, extreme weight fluctuations and bad genetic connective tissue can play its part. Especially annoying: just keep fatty deposits in women especially persistent in the buttocks area.

Before the procedure:

To assess whether the surgical request is feasible, you should submit to us first two photos understandable (body image from the front and side) or to send via e-mail. The day before the procedure refers to personal counseling, instead of medical education, and an analysis by the operating surgeon.

During the consultation process and the progress and possibly cut the intervention will be discussed and highlighted.

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    Buttock Lift in Turkey

    Hospital stay:

    3 days in a hospital (if necessary at the hotel)

    Remove self-dissolving stitches or 15 days later, the family doctor, the threads and bandages can be

    worn 6-8 weeks has the compression garments day and night

    Surgical procedures:

    Before the procedure is performed with you a personal consultation. They are fully informed of our surgeons on the treatment method. Of course, all your questions are answered.

    The buttock lift (Polifting) also makes a significant tightening in Gesäßerschlaffung possible. In this method, with a cut above the buttocks is the standard technique. It is fat and skin removed just above the buttocks at the transition to lower back.

    This technique lends itself to where the excess skin is localized to severe weight loss for the most part here. The resulting scar is slightly below the waist and is itself in a bikini to hide well. The excess skin and fatty tissue are removed through the described section.

    Here is where to cut the muscle is visible. Finally, the wound is sutured in layers, the layers must be stably fixed by suture.


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    After Buttock Lift


    The buttock lift is a surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia on the patient.

    After the operation:

    After surgery, the treatment begins, which is just as important to the outcome as the surgery itself! 24 hours after the operation is complete bed rest. Must not act on rising train at the seams, not to interfere with the healing process.

    6 to 8 weeks must be taken into a compression panty

    2 to 3 weeks you should plan for peace and rest

    6 to 8 weeks should physical exercise, prolonged sitting, heavy lifting and intense movements should be avoided

    6 weeks should be no sports potential

    Avoid sun or tanning beds at least 6 months

    Surgical scars:

    Because the incisions for the introduction of the instrument are very small, emerging only a few millimeters long scars. These are 6-8 months out of sight.

    Healing process:

    About 6 weeks after surgery and subsequent rest period, all professional and social activities are carried out as usual.

    Duration of operation:

    The duration of the operation depends on the chosen method of operation. As a rule, you must expect 4-5 hours.

    Buttock Lift in Turkey - At a Glance

    Duration of Procedure

    1 Hour

    Hospital Stay

    4 Days

    Recovery Time

    2 Days


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